QUALITY ISO 9001:2015 We believe in "Total Quality Assurance" in all product and service based on customer needs and expectations. The company is committed to continuous safety improvement and all our production process complies with environmental international standard. A well-equipped Product Testing Facilities are available at company to take care of the product validation and quality test requirements. All processes and production can be verified through conventional means of in-house inspection and tests. Validation demonstrates the ability of these processes to achieve planned results. With a philosophy to win the trust of every customer’s, we continue to maintain the relationship and this gives us the opportunity to do business with them again and again.
SAFETY & HEALTH ISO 45001:2018 We are committed to create and sustain a culture of safety awareness and accountability. Managers and supervisors are responsible for the safe performance of their teams and for ensuring safety awareness and proactive approach in safety and health. Risk assessment and continuous improvement in the management of safety for our staff, contractors and other people affected by our operations are of paramount importance. Job Safety instructions, Policies, Standards are regularly updated to meet our changing needs. Conclusively, M-TEC’s Top Management aims that all its employees return home safely to their families every day.
ENVIRONMENT ISO 14001: 2015 Management acknowledges the environment as a business issue. In pursuit of business successes, the company recognises the need to conduct its activities in an environmentally responsible manner. The company is concerned with the need to find solutions to potentially adverse environmental impacts of our business activities and is committed to the prevention of pollution and a programme of continuous improvement. Producing high quality products should never be at the cost of damaging the environment, has been one of the organization's policies. Thus, M-TEC has integrated successfully the Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental concerns of the organization, leading to development and improved quality of life without compromising the future generations.
Malesela Taihan Electric Cable Also known as M-TEC, has been a leading player in the cable industry in South Africa for over 50 years. Established in 1911, M-TEC has developed into a market leader in the wire and cable industry and today the company is ranked as one of South Africa’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of Aluminium overhead conductors, copper products, low and medium voltage power cables and various optical fibre cables
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