Malesela Taihan Electric Cable Also known as M-TEC, has been a leading player in the cable industry in South Africa for over 50 years. Established in 1911, M-TEC has developed into a market leader in the wire and cable industry and today the company is ranked as one of South Africa’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of Aluminium overhead conductors, copper products, low and medium voltage power cables and various optical fibre cables
Alloy Wire • Straight lengths up to 6m • Wire on bobbins • Reels • Coils • Layer wound Size Range: 1.50mm to 8.5mm diameter General Application: • Electrical conductor wire, final diameter • Rivet wire • Nail wire • Armouring • Earthing and lightning protection • Fencing wire • Irrigation • TV antenna rods
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Aluminium StripSize Range: 3.3mm x 1.90mm up to 32.0mm x 5.0mm General Application: • Transformers • Electrical motors • Electrical cable armouring • Motor industries • Aviation industries • Building industries
Aluminium wire AA 1100, AA 1350, AA 3003, AA 3103, AA 5052, AA 5154, AA 6061, AA 6101 Size Range: 0.30mm to 9.50mm diameter Other mechanical alloy grades: 1.50mm to 8.50mm diameter General Application: • Electrical conductor wire, final diameter • Television aerials • Film and tape insulated conductor • Tie wire • Earthing and lightning protection
ALUMINIUM M-TEC have pioneered the production of Aluminium products in South Africa starting local manufacturing in the early 70's and remains one of the largest producers of a variety of aluminium products such as wire, strip and overhead conductors namely ACSR; AAC and AAAC. M-TEC has been a supplier of Aluminium overhead conductors to Eskom - South Africa’s Electricity supply utility for over 4 decades and produces a substantial amount of conductor used as powerlines in the country.
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