Company History Since 1911 The company’s history can be tracked back to 1911 during which time it was trading as the Union Steel Corporation of South Africa (USCO). In 1972, the non-ferrous manufacturing facility was established, producing copper wire, conductors and strip products. 34 years later the first aluminium conductor was produced and in 1980, XLPE cable was introduced into the company’s product range. In 1998, USCO sold it’s manufacturing facilities to Malesela Technologies a 100% black-owned company. In line with the group’s philosophy of creating strategic partnerships to source technology and skills, Malesela Taihan Electric Cable (Pty) Ltd, a BEE company, acquired 100% of Malesela Technologies as a going concern in 2000. Malesela Taihan Electric Cable (Pty) Ltd has two shareholders: Korea’s Taihan Electric Wire Company Limited, which is one of the top 10 in the world in this sector, and Malesela Holdings B-BBEEE company. This transaction has positioned M-TEC as one of the largest cable manufacturers in South Africa. Today M-TEC has been able to improve and expand the business to become a world-class manufacturer and supplier of aluminium, copper and optical fibre cables, as well as power, OPGW, telecommunications and data cables .
Malesela Taihan Electric Cable Also known as M-TEC, has been a leading player in the cable industry in South Africa for over 50 years. Established in 1911, M-TEC has developed into a market leader in the wire and cable industry and today the company is ranked as one of South Africa’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of Aluminium overhead conductors, copper products, low and medium voltage power cables and various optical fibre cables
2021 Purchase of new M-TEC Head Office Building 2019 Eskom 4 Year contracts awarded (Power Cable, ABC , Aluminium Conductor) 2021 Transnet 5 year contract awarded (Contact wire, Catenary wire, MV/LV, ACSR) 2020 City of Tshwane 3 year contract awarded 2017 City of Tshwane 3 year contract awarded 2017 Centlec (Bloemfontein) 3 year contract awarded 2017 Nelson Mandela Bay (PE) 3year contract awarded 2017 Bells, Split concentric, control cables, MV ABC developed (SABS) 2016 Eskom 3 year contract awarded (MV/LV) 2016 33kV XLPE power cable developed (SABS) 2016 City Power 3 year contract awarded (MV/LV/FOC/OPGW/ABC/ACSR 2014 Eskom 5 year contract awarded (ACSR/ABC) 2013 Transnet 5 year contract awarded (Contact wire, Catenary wire, MV/LV, ACSR) 2011 100 years anniversary 2008 Jasco became shareholder 2008 Copper Telecom cable produced 2003 SABS ISO 9001:2000 was obtained 2001 The Fibre Optic Cable plant was inaugurated 2000 Taihan became shareholder and changed company name to M-TEC 1998 USCO was sold to Malesela Technologies (Pty) Ltd 1980 XLPE Cable produced 1970 PVC Cable produced 1961 Aluminium conductor produced 1927 Copper wire/Conductor/Strip produced 1913 First steel was casted 1911 Union Steel Corporation(USKO) was founded
Malesela Taihan Electric Cable (Pty) Ltd.
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