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The   progression   of   M-TEC   stranding   technology   in   copper   and   aluminium   led   to   the production   of   PVC   cables   in   1970.      there   was   a   ready   market   for   the   products   and today    the    company    produces    PVC,    XLPE,    BELL,    Control,    ABC    &    Service Connection   CNE   &   SNE   cables   in   an   extensive   range   of   sizes   and   voltages,   all bearing the SABS Mark.
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Malesela   Taihan   Electric   Cable   (Pty)   Limited   is   a   pioneer   in   the manufacture   of   non-ferrous   products   in   South   Africa.   As   a   South African    Black    Economic    Empowered    Company,    our    constant endeavour   to   ensure   continuous   improvement   of   our   products and    maintaining    technical    expertise    that    ensures    that    M-TEC remains a leading manufacturer in its field.
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Marketing     and     Sales     is     committed     to establish    and    maintain    personal    contact with    existing    and    potential    customers    in order   to   support   our   customer   base   sound customer relations and outstanding.
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M-TEC   has   opened   a   new   sales   office   in Alberton   Meyersdal.   In   Woodhill   Office   park Building no 6.
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